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Internet & Networking A lot of articles lately have been focused on why Apple and Microsoft are the bad guys by supporting H.264 and not Theora. Well, yes, they are bad guys, but there really is not much point whining to them. It will in all likelihood fall on deaf ears, simply because they are acting in their own best interests--as MPEG stakeholders and commercial, DRM-encouraging, royalty-loving, proprietary-operating-system-hawking corporations. But that could all change--if the HTML5 spec didn't allow H.264.
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RE[2]: the venders ARE the w3c
by Aankhen on Tue 11th May 2010 09:14 UTC in reply to "RE: the venders ARE the w3c"
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I would expect that the web DEVELOPERS are the ones running the show - after all, they're the ones that actually have to write code using the standards.

I’m afraid you’d be disappointed.
The browser developers just have to write an engine that renders it properly, but otherwise they don't have to actually write HTML5 code on a daily basis.

It’s not that easy to write a rendering engine. I think it’s very unhealthy to have the specification pretty much dictated by the browser makers, but it doesn’t help matters to trivialize the effort it takes to build a rendering engine, and I don’t blame the browser makers for trying to lessen their burden.

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