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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless While most of us here on the OSNews team are proponents of HTML5, we're all fully aware that Flash serves an important role on the web today, and will most likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Flash has a rather spotty record when it comes to performance, and so far, hasn't been able to run well on mobile devices. It seems this is about to change, as an Adobe evangelist has showed off Flash 10.1 on Android 2.2 (Froyo) running on the Nexus One. And eerlijk is eerlijk, it looks pretty darn impressive, especially considering how far they've come.
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RE: Hilarious
by kaiwai on Tue 11th May 2010 11:55 UTC in reply to "Hilarious"
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You mock Steve Jobs for his comments on Flash, then agree with him on Flash's foibles, make up your mind, you are beginning to look a bit silly.

Um, I read the article and Thom quite clearly states that Flash had problems *IN THE PAST* but now things have improved. You know, how about assessing something based on the present rather than what happened 10 years ago.

More important Steve Jobs has no right to dictate what a person can and can't load onto their iPhone; I find it funny that so many here whine about how terrible it is but has it stopped them from going out and purchasing an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? If a person wants to load on Flash than it is there right - the moment that the device leaves the store, the customer owns it. If owning it involves the desire to install a battery sucking, CPU hogging, bandwidth hogging, browser crashing plugin, then so be it.

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