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Graphics, User Interfaces Ah, Jakob Nielsen. Anyone who has ever been involved with serious document design or web usability will know his name. If you've never heard of him, the best way to describe him would probably be this: he's the Richard Stallman of usability. He has a set of very clear ideas about user interface and document design, which more often than not get in the way of beauty. He has performed a usability study, with real users, on the iPad.
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It'll get better with time
by Nicholas Blachford on Tue 11th May 2010 23:55 UTC
Nicholas Blachford
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The iPad is a new device and offers a new way of interacting with it. As such I think there'll be a lot of experimentation as developers figure out what works and what doesn't.

I remember on the Amiga many years ago the lack of guidelines lead to a lot of software with weird and wonderful UIs. A lot of this was bad, but there were also gems where the UI was amazingly good. I suspect the same will happen here.

I initially wasn't interested in getting an iPad (I seen it's benefit immediately but I also saw that it was not targeted at me). I've since thought of an idea for an app (with an interesting UI) so I've ordered one.

However it's only one aspect of the UI I want to make "interesting", for the rest, guidelines like these are very useful.

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