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AMD "If you're looking for notebook power on the cheap and you're not too keen on either using Intel's integrated graphics or paying for a higher-performing, NVIDIA-made workaround (i.e., Optimus), then there's an obvious alternative mobile platform for you: AMD/ATI. AMD is gaining steam in the mobile space due to a combination of low cost and its ATI Radeon graphics solution, with Reuters reporting that the company will better than double the number of design wins this back-to-school season compared to a year ago."
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RE[2]: ATI Blows
by marcus0263 on Wed 12th May 2010 05:31 UTC in reply to "RE: ATI Blows"
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I got burned by ATI and have had great luck with Nvidia, I'll stick with them. I've also got an HP Mini Netbook with the ION, it rocks. Runs Linux very well and is perfect for a portable.

"If" ATI ever gets it together I "might" take them for a test drive, but I seriously doubt it unless Nvidia falls below ATI's quality which I seriously doubt. ;)

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