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General Development "Lately, the Perl language has had less buzz surrounding it than many other languages and development environments, but Perl is still a key component on the Internet. For this guest post, we asked Jeff Hobbs, Director of Engineering at ActiveState, to weigh in on the topic."
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I never really liked perl
by Tuishimi on Wed 12th May 2010 06:29 UTC
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...but I've used it. Actually I wrote a bookmark modifier in perl for a [beta] browser that did not have any bookmarking functionality (yet) a year or two back.

I think perl6 will have some interesting changes... if it is ever in a state for regular use.

It's developed quite a bit over the decades. I know several engineers who use it for scripting quick solutions to customer requests/problems, etc. It is super powerful with its bajillions of libraries... I think it is sort of like the vi (or emacs, pick your flavor) of the scripting world. ;)

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