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Legal Well, this is about as surprising as the tides rolling in: HTC has sued Apple for patent infringement. Earlier this year, Apple sued HTC, focussing on the Taiwanese phone maker's Android devices. HTC has now responded with a patent suit of its own.
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Elaborate Game
by on Thu 13th May 2010 01:57 UTC
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I swear it's turning into some elaborate game, like a CCG only in this game they're not playing with cards, they're playing with patents...

It's like, to big companies, the US patent office is the local card shop where you spend loads on 'patents' trying to make sets and build as strong and diverse a deck possible... and the legal system is the platform upon which companies engage in 'epic' battles against each other with their decks of 'patents'. The game ends when one of the player's 'companies' runs out of money, patents, or appeals.

Uhoh... I hope I haven't given anyone any ideas for a new game... Maybe I'll just patent the idea! Yeah!

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