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Amiga & AROS Ah, the AmigaOne x1000 - now that the summer is approaching, the powerful next-generation Amiga machine is getting ever closer to being officially unveiled and launched. The hardware is being developed by A-EON Technology, who formed a strategic partnership with Hyperion Entertainment, the company behind AmigaOS 4.x, with the "express purpose of developing new hardware for AmigaOS 4 and beyond". Obligement has a long and detailed interview up with Trevor Dickinson, long-time Amiga enthusiast and collector, and one of the prime forces behind A-EON.
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Comment by Hondo
by Hondo on Thu 13th May 2010 05:43 UTC
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My best wishes, but I believe all of this will no happen. All the software will remain at a hobbyist level or little more.

Don't do the mistake of underestimating the power of the Amiga community. This is one of the strongest bunch of guys you'll ever come across. They've put up with cooperate failures you can't even imagine, and they have been to hell and back, and survived.

Infact it's because of these diehard users, the Amiga platform survived over 10 years in hell. They are like humans when we are strongest. If our city gets hit by natural disaster we build it up again...stone by stone, untill everything is back where it were, but even better this time! - that's the true spirit of man, and also the true spirit of the Amiga users. LONG LIVE THE AMIGA! Hats off to these people...and hats of to the Amiga spirit!

Oh and the AmigaOne X-1000 combined with AmigaOS 4.x is gonna KICK ASS compared to anything earlier this platform had. But yeah the amiga right now is truely fertile ground for a small programmer team. Money is easy to make here!

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