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Gnome "The release of GNOME 3.0. the popular desktop's first major release in eight years, promises to be the major free software event in autumn 2010. Where is GNOME now? What can we expect of GNOME 3.0? Of GNOME 3 as a series of releases?"
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RE[3]: Another 8 Years?
by orestes on Thu 13th May 2010 08:22 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Another 8 Years?"
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Unfortunately some in the technology world assume with the rise of a new technology that an old one dies when in many cases it simply compliments an existing one. In the case of cloud computing it will compliment an organisations existing setup rather than replace it, just as web services integrate in with Microsoft Office but doesn't replace it fully either.

Nice to see someone gets it.

End of the day, I don't see the world migrating en masse to pure cloud computing anytime soon. There's too much legacy infrastructure and too many things that proper local applications and operating systems still do plain better to just throw them out because the buzzword set finds them boring.

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