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Gnome "The release of GNOME 3.0. the popular desktop's first major release in eight years, promises to be the major free software event in autumn 2010. Where is GNOME now? What can we expect of GNOME 3.0? Of GNOME 3 as a series of releases?"
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RE: Another 8 Years?
by alcibiades on Thu 13th May 2010 09:06 UTC in reply to "Another 8 Years?"
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Dunno, I moved to Fluxbox a while ago now. The problem, if you look at the videos around of how multiple desktops in Gnome are supposed to evolve, is that they seem to be following KDE down the black hole of unusability by ordinary people. So what do we do for them?

Right now, KDE is out of the question. Gnome, you can set it up with only one bottom taskbar, app minimizer pane in it, desktops, app icons, and people adapt to it and use it pretty easily. They really like multiple desktops when they get used to them.

If you look at the movie on the net someplace - its featured on LXer, how multiple desktops are supposed to work in future -- and ask yourself how on earth you're going to explain to ordinary people how to use this thing, its hopeless. Or indeed, how on earth I am going to use this thing myself?

Gnome and KDE both seem to have forgotten how to ask the question: what is this for? Its not just to make the developers feel exciting and creative.

Lets hope the virus does not spread to xfce!

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