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Gnome "The release of GNOME 3.0. the popular desktop's first major release in eight years, promises to be the major free software event in autumn 2010. Where is GNOME now? What can we expect of GNOME 3.0? Of GNOME 3 as a series of releases?"
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RE[5]: Another 8 Years?
by asdf on Thu 13th May 2010 12:22 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Another 8 Years?"
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Yeah, agreed. Things always happen this way. I don't know why people make the same mistakes over and over again. Hopefully, it's just because there's a sucker born every minute and we're seeing different suckers going through the rites of passage each time, but then again there are people who never get to understand how computing and technology in general evolve.

This will go the _exact_ same way all other "the next big thing"s went. When they come, they come in waves and it looks like nothing will be left after them. No, as everything else in this world, they pass and after they pass, if there was anything of value which could stand the test of the time, it survives and integrates with the rest. If anyone is still not convinced, please go ahead and fully switch to segway for all your transportation needs.

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