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Gnome The problem with just about every virtual desktop implementation is just that - they're virtual. This means that beyond the ability to move windows to specific desktops, you're still looking at exactly the same desktop, no matter what virtual desktop number you switched to. A mockup for GNOME Shell is trying to take the virtual out of virtual desktop.
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RE[4]: Comment by mtzmtulivu
by phoenix on Thu 13th May 2010 21:15 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by mtzmtulivu"
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Great, but each virtual desktop isn't independent. I can't set VD1 to be a Folder, VD2 to be a default Desktop, so on and so forth.

VD1: Put one folder view widget on the desktop, stretch it to fit the whole screen, point it at ~/Desktop. Done.

VD2: Put a bunch of folder view widgets onscreen, pointing at different folders. Done.

VD3: Put a bunch of widgets onscreen. Done.

How is that hard?

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