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Gnome The problem with just about every virtual desktop implementation is just that - they're virtual. This means that beyond the ability to move windows to specific desktops, you're still looking at exactly the same desktop, no matter what virtual desktop number you switched to. A mockup for GNOME Shell is trying to take the virtual out of virtual desktop.
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Comment by phoenix
by phoenix on Thu 13th May 2010 21:20 UTC
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A mockup for GNOME shell tries to address these things by introducing the concept of multiple ~/Desktop folders. "Nowadays we have only one Desktop folder by user, that is located in /home/you/Desktop. This folder is displayed fullscreen on every workspace, and we can keep an eye on the docs on which we work the most. Unfortunately, this Desktop is single," the mockup's description reads, "So we suggest here to raise up the count of Desktop folders, and use the Gnome-Shell interface to handle them easily."

Wow! What a horrible way to do things. Instead of forcing the filesystem to fit the window manager, why not add the ability to point the "view" at any folder?

You know, like the KDE4 "folder view" widget.

Everyone complained so much about that new feature in KDE4 ... and here they are trying to re-create that feature in the most god-awful way possible.

NIH or what?

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