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Gnome The problem with just about every virtual desktop implementation is just that - they're virtual. This means that beyond the ability to move windows to specific desktops, you're still looking at exactly the same desktop, no matter what virtual desktop number you switched to. A mockup for GNOME Shell is trying to take the virtual out of virtual desktop.
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Comment by Artopal
by Artopal on Fri 14th May 2010 13:54 UTC
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I for my part like to have 2 workspaces (virtual desktops) and expand them as needed, i.e. I'm constantly creating and deleting workspaces and lack the need of a fixed Ā«meaningĀ» for a workspace (i.e. one for communication, one for work, one for GIMP, etc.).

On the other hand, I like my files handled by the file manager in list view, not scattered on the desktop, so I never use the Desktop folder and find it to be a rather quirky metaphor.

Having different backgrounds and widgets for different workspaces would be nice; the backgrounds being just cosmetics. But for the workspaces to be a visual representation of and thus a way to interact directly with a very real folder with real contents is an annoying thought. I guess I like my desktops virtual. KDE4's folder views are a nice solution -- if you delete the view, you're not deleting the folder, aren't you?

Background: I've never used KDE, only read about it. I'm almost exclusively a GNOME user (Ubuntu) having tried Openbox (Crunchbang) and JWM (Puppy Linux), and Icewm and Fluxbox on occasions.

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