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Multimedia, AV For over 9 months now we use our Apple TV as our music entertainment system in our home. And when I mean "music entertainment system", I mean just that. We don't use our Apple TV for anything else, not even video (our much more video-capable Sony PS3 bears that task). We used to use CDs, in a 250 CD-changer device, but the experience was not nearly as good as when dealing with files that have metadata. So we got ourselves an Apple TV. On the other side of the country, a friend of ours uses the open source MPD solution. In this article I'll try to figure out which one of the two is the best solution for my household's usage pattern.
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A few mitigating points
by MrWeeble on Fri 14th May 2010 18:49 UTC
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$600 seems a little excessive, An Eee Box 202 from Amazon will cost $223 including delivery [1]. This has SPDIF and 160GB Hard Drive so is an almost exact match for the Apple TV on those specs and is about the same in price. I am sure similar specced machines can be picked up cheaper.

For the headless shutdown on the linux box, why not install a SSH client on your remote device. With public-key authentication and some automation you could create a one tap shutdown procedure. (there is an app on the Android market called Lazy Geek which should be able to do this[2] if you were using a budget android device this would cut the total cost by a fair whack, though I imagine there are similar apps available for most smartphone platforms)

The usability/setup problems you had are perhaps the biggest point against MPD. I don't know how common your use case is, but maybe there might be a demand for an appliance type linux distro that includes everything you need with sane default configurations that anyone could install


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