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Graphics, User Interfaces Ah, Jakob Nielsen. Anyone who has ever been involved with serious document design or web usability will know his name. If you've never heard of him, the best way to describe him would probably be this: he's the Richard Stallman of usability. He has a set of very clear ideas about user interface and document design, which more often than not get in the way of beauty. He has performed a usability study, with real users, on the iPad.
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Card Shark vs. Holy Scroller - MOOT
by itomato on Fri 14th May 2010 20:25 UTC
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The 2-D paradigms from the '80's comparisons aren't entirely valid here.

It's a pincher's world - deep, sequential views are available, but don't make up much of the discussion, except for where expected results fail to appear.

Cover flow, pinching, accelerometer - all define the iPlatform, but factor into navigation little, if at all, and I think it's a shame.

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