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Humor Every now and then, you come across things that make the internet worthwhile. So yeah, there's this whole genitalia length comparing competition going on between Adobe and Apple, where both companies are actually arguing, with straight faces, which of the two is more open (which to me comes across as Mario and Zelda arguing over who's less of a sell-out). Luckily, though, there's the internet to make us laugh.
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RE: Remember of Mac OS marketing
by tyrione on Fri 14th May 2010 22:06 UTC in reply to "Remember of Mac OS marketing"
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When MacOS was less advanced that even Windows98, Steve Jobs say that they are the best. When they compare Mac OS X with Windows, they say: Windows crash, which was not true anymore. When you compare today the JavaScript with Flash, you see that you cannot run just on IPhone. But I'm glad that I can look on Youtube using Flash (and not only) on my Android phone and I recommend anyone to get one. In Spain you can get an Htc Hero with Android with 0 euro with carriers. And you have openess not only to run flash, but to create your own applications, to write in one language that is not of Google (meaning Java) and your phone will have as many options as phone creators are: Samsung, Htc, Motorola ;)

Steve Jobs wasn't at Apple when Win98 was out. We were NeXT and NeXTSTEP was far and away superior to Win98.

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