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Humor Every now and then, you come across things that make the internet worthwhile. So yeah, there's this whole genitalia length comparing competition going on between Adobe and Apple, where both companies are actually arguing, with straight faces, which of the two is more open (which to me comes across as Mario and Zelda arguing over who's less of a sell-out). Luckily, though, there's the internet to make us laugh.
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What I don't understand...
by mrhasbean on Fri 14th May 2010 22:43 UTC
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2006-04-03 how people see these two any differently. Adobe claim that Flash was originally written for touchscreen devices, which is an absolute joke as anyone who used early versions of it would know, and touting open document formats to mean that Flash is open is like Microsoft saying Office is open because the document formats are published. Then claiming that they are more open than Apple; how many opensource projects do Adobe contribute to, how many do Apple?

Flash and iPhone OS are both closed proprietary environments. And just like Adobe have total control over what happens with Flash, Apple has total control over what happens with iPhone OS. Adobe can, and do, say what you can and can't integrate into Flash content, just like Apple say what you can and can't put on iPhone OS.

I have a little different perspective on Adobe as well. For over four years I've been involved in development of an online business using a product called Business Catalyst. Adobe's initial involvement was through a plug-in for Dreamweaver that allowed creation of content for the CMS instead of using the terrible web based editors. Through our involvement we pushed for other methods of editing content like direct FTP access for using apps like the awesome Coda. Although Business Catalyst as a company were always a little slow at responding we had direct phone numbers and email addresses for the support guys and their bosses in case things were taking a bit too long.

Just over a year ago Adobe bought Business Catalyst, and everything's been a downhill slide since. There are NO direct phone numbers - to the point where you can even phone Adobe offices which are the published contact details for Business Catalyst and ask to speak to someone in Business Catalyst only to receive the reply "this is Adobe, we think you have the wrong number". There are no direct email addresses any more, all support is through a ticketing system and at present we have one ticket more that EIGHT MONTHS old, with the average time for completion of anything we've ticketed being more than three weeks. And now we're hearing murmurs that they're going to make Dreamweaver the ONLY external method for updating your site. Bye bye Coda and the like. So much for being open.

So anyone who thinks one is any better than the other when it comes to these things needs to lower their own RDF.

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