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Internet & Networking It annoys me that Flash is required for most video sites. Especially when Flash isn't available on a lot of devices or at least not the latest, required version. Whenever I try to use my Internet Tablet to watch shows on sites like Hulu, Veoh, Crackle, Joost, etc., I can't, because they require a newer version of Flash, and I'm stuck with what I have. Thankfully not every site uses the latest version. At least not yet anyways.
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Flash is a PITA
by KingRocky on Sat 15th May 2010 02:56 UTC
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My biggest complaint against Flash is the author's first complaint: There's ALWAYS a new version, and for some reason, I NEVER have it installed. Newer Flash versions always seem to run slower than older ones, and peg my CPU at 100%.

Adobe needs to STOP throwing in all the new features and concentrate on getting Flash to a stable point where it doesn't hog my CPU. They need to take Flash back to the way it used to be before it became a bloated mess.

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