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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "UDS is over! And in the customary wrap-up I stood up and told the audience what the Foundations team have been discussing all week. One of the items is almost certainly going to get a little bit of publicity. We are going to be doing the work to have btrfs as an installation option, and we have not ruled out making it the default. I do stress the emphasis of that statement, a number of things would have to be true for us to take that decision."
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by Fettarme H-Milch on Sat 15th May 2010 11:14 UTC in reply to "Comment by bsharitt"
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Btrfs is a nice file system and all, and is probably the future for Linux in general, but it's way too early to even talk about making it a default file system. Let's have a release or two where is is fully working and stable, then we'll talk about defaults.

According to btrfs already works better than Ext3

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