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Amiga & AROS A few weeks ago, Novell and Red Hat jointly fended off a patent infringement suit thrown their way by a patent troll. The patent in question more or less came down to the concept of virtual desktops - and thanks to Groklaw, several people helped in finding cases of prior art. The most interesting one of all? A carefully restored and working Amiga 1000 demonstrated to the judge and jury.
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The Amiga’s graphics hardware is still ahead of the game. Not in power, but in design.

The IBM reference platform, and GPUs on an IRQ bus is the worst possible design hacked together by IBM without any consideration for the future.

IBM gave the industry a retarded monkey, and the industry strapped rockets to it.

Remember to put this in perspective -- the first consumer 2D/3D graphics cards started appearing in 1995. Over 10 years after the Amiga.

10 years in computing is an age. Ten years ago we were using Windows 98 / NT with 32-128 MB of RAM.

We are amazed at the realism of graphics produced now, but that’s only been possible after enough money was thrown at an inefficient and inappropriate design. The success of the IBM PC put the graphics industry back 10 years. Had we started with the Amiga and gone from there, films like Avatar would have come out ten years ago.

I have yet to see any innovation in the graphics space that isn’t throwing more horespower at the problem.

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