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Humor Every now and then, you come across things that make the internet worthwhile. So yeah, there's this whole genitalia length comparing competition going on between Adobe and Apple, where both companies are actually arguing, with straight faces, which of the two is more open (which to me comes across as Mario and Zelda arguing over who's less of a sell-out). Luckily, though, there's the internet to make us laugh.
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My timing is on because: OS X was launched in 2001 and Steve Jobs was in Apple from 1997 and was showing Mac OS 9 "Revolutionary OS" like here: . The single reason that Mac OS was more responsive, was that was running on faster hardware (PowerPC chips and later the G3 were even twice as fast as Pentium II at their times, but not because of their underlying OS). Please look on youtube on both presentations on Mac OS 9 with it's great Sherlock application and with a PowerPC demo in Photoshop against a PC version. Till 2001, Mac OS have a technology that was less advanced than anything out-there (OS2, BeOS, Windows 9x or NT, or Linux).
The point of my comment was just hypocrisy. As of today, ALL(most) features of OS X are in Linux are in 2006 (like 2D vector graphic, buggy composite display) and of course in Vista. But Windows 2000 has for first time the kernel thread pools (which are GCD in Snow Leopard) and there are benchmarks showing that OS X were not performing well on G5 in multithreaded benchmarks (write in a search engine: anandtech g5 tiger.
OS X, "the most advanced OS"? Probably not. A pretty and expensive case, most probably.
Even today when we compare Vista (or 7) with Snow Leopard we have the same capabilities (like: Java vs .NET, PDF display, color profiles, etc.) but only that you can buy an full featured laptop at 1000 dollars (or euro) which if was named Apple you will pay at least 1700, and Windows license is not included.
This is why I'm glad at the end I have Flash on Android: is about the ecosystem, an open one, informed one, with all your options in one place. Not one carrier, not one phone model (with it's upgrades), not software.
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