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Google "Today, we're happy to make available a developer preview of the Native Client SDK - an important first step in making Native Client more accessible as a tool for developing real web applications. When we released the research version of Native Client a year ago, we offered a snapshot of our source tree that developers could download and tinker with, but the download was big and cumbersome to use. The Native Client SDK preview, in contrast, includes just the basics you need to get started writing an app in minutes."
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but if it's just some glorified interpreter then why not ^^

It's not really an interpreter... not really.

Basically, it's a sandboxed environment that inspects the machine code of the NaCl app before allowing it to run, making sure it doesn't make any "dangerous" x86 calls that would allow it to affect other code or resources outside the sandbox. It is then allowed to run natively on the processor once it passes all the checks. It is allowed to link and call other NaCl libs, and is allowed to access host OS resources that the NaCl environment provides.

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