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OSNews, Generic OSes There's one complaint we here at OSNews get thrown in our faces quite often: what's up with the lack of, you know, operating system news on OSNews? Why so much mobile phone news? Why so much talk of H264, HTML5, and Flash? Where's the juicy news on tomorrow's operating systems? Since it's weekend, I might as well explain why things are the way they are. Hint: it has nothing to do with a lack of willingness.
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Android is huge right now

That's great - but not where I live. In The Netherlands, there's like 2 Android phones for sale running 1.5, and that's it. Adding insult to injury is the fact that I live in a small rural community far away from everything.

Haiku is really exciting at the moment, there's cool things happening all the time in that community. I'm sure people would prefer to hear about all the inside little stories that happens in the haiku community instead of Apple patents.

Uh? We report on Haiku all the time.

ChromeOS, surely there's stories to be gathered on that, the development model is available to peer into.

We covered its announcement in quite a lot of detail, but since no release has been made, it's hard for any of us to really dive into this. I'm not going to peer into source code submissions, since I'd not know what to do with them.

WebOS is looking like it might get a push from HP again. Are you saying there's absolutley no news on this?

Have you been reading the same OSNews I have? We've reported LIKE CRAZY on Palm and the webOS. I mean, I got comments asking to tone it down!

Granted the Windows Phone 7 is still pretty secretive at the moment, but there are still stories to be had.

Again - we've reported like crazy on Windows Phone 7! Seriously, which OSNews are you reading?

When was the last time any osnews editors followed the OS communities at a personal level?

Plural? You do realise that effectively, there's just one editor here, right? I've followed all sorts of OS communities at very personal levels, but here's the shocker: there are no OS communities anymore other than the big boring ones.

I keep very close tabs on Haiku and AmigaOS (trust me, I've got really cool stuff coming up from the Amiga world, can't say anything more). That's it. What else am I supposed to follow? The three news items a year from Syllable (which Kaj de Vos writes for us)? ReactOS gets covered too, but since their progress is so slow, what am I supposed to do, cover every icon change?

Some here say there's enough out there, but then fail to give any examples. Really - I would like to believe you, but why, then, isn't our queue filled with this stuff?

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