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Humor Every now and then, you come across things that make the internet worthwhile. So yeah, there's this whole genitalia length comparing competition going on between Adobe and Apple, where both companies are actually arguing, with straight faces, which of the two is more open (which to me comes across as Mario and Zelda arguing over who's less of a sell-out). Luckily, though, there's the internet to make us laugh.
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Oh, you mean it ran better because of lack of any memory protection (which was optional... go figure)

Windows 3.11 had no memory protection, not even optional one and neither did Windows 95/98/98SE/ME.
Any slightly above beginner level programmer knew that through pain, blood and tears.
Get an Windows 98, Visual Studio 6 and go see for yourself the horrible pile of crap Windows was pre NT5.

or because applications need to specifically designed to use preemptive multitasking and, if not designed that way, MacOS was using a cooperative multitasking with all apps sharing a single process?

May i point out the definition of a WinMain() for you?

int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, Instance HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, LPSTR lpCmdLine, int nCmdShow)

What we see here are the instance handles required for Windows cooperative multitasking. Granted, the mechanism was changed in Win32 (you still need to drag that baggage along) but it was still a single threaded cooperative multitasking system.

;-) So when your calculator app banged, ALL processes needed to be closed...

Which was the same for Windows 3.11/95/98/98SE/ME most of the time.

I switched a bit more than three years ago from XP + Linux + Solaris to OS X + Linux + Solaris and i can't imagine possibly to go back to Windows. I have to occasionally use Windows XP/Vista/7 at work, helping out numb nuts with their little IT problems or writing in house tools and i suffer when i have to use it. I can't believe how Windows managed to make no progress at all since Windows 2000. All they seem to do are new Themes, which is especially sad, since they only seem to come in butt ugly.

What i find especially hideous is the software culture that developed around that disgusting mess. Hello Windows developers: don't you think it is time to embrace Unicode? Okay it is only out there for twenty years and we all know how incredibly slow the world of computing evolves, but do you really think it is adequate that your software can't open files if they are named in a language that isn't covered by ASCII code?

Seriously, whenever I forget at work that I'm sitting at a Windows machine (because i got used to my eyes hurting) and try to Unzip a file that one of our Japanese partners sent us and I see WinZIP crash because it just can't handle Unicode strings, i wonder how anyone could possible put up with something like that and even *pay* to get tortured this way.

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