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OSNews, Generic OSes There's one complaint we here at OSNews get thrown in our faces quite often: what's up with the lack of, you know, operating system news on OSNews? Why so much mobile phone news? Why so much talk of H264, HTML5, and Flash? Where's the juicy news on tomorrow's operating systems? Since it's weekend, I might as well explain why things are the way they are. Hint: it has nothing to do with a lack of willingness.
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Cry me a river...
by porcel on Sun 16th May 2010 18:34 UTC
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Those that say that Linux hasn´t changed dramatically in the last 10 years were not around ten years ago or are very forgetful.

Polish and user experience is the hardest part of any operating system and that is what we are now focusing on. Technology is useless if an average user cannot make good use of it.

Millions of linux power phones, tvs, servers and desktops, each with very different requirements and yet one kernel that powers them all.

Do you people follow the kernel´s development or have any clue how dramatically Linux has changed in the last 10 years?


It´s so easy to say: why don´t we do something totally ground-breaking while being unaware that new ground is being broken every single day with every single commit.

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