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Apple "I didn't plan to pick a fight with Steve Jobs last night. It just sort of happened: An iPad advertisement ticked me off; I sent the Apple CEO an angry email; he told me about 'freedom from porn'. The electronic debate proceeded from there." Says the man who used to use LSD. This man knows how to sell iPads to America: think of the children!
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RE: And Steve Jobs is right
by CaptainN- on Sun 16th May 2010 22:30 UTC in reply to "And Steve Jobs is right"
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That's precisely why I've been saying iPad will not win. Android (and perhaps other Linux) based devices are going to dominate this kind of computing - which will replace the PC/laptop.

The sad part is I like Apple, and I'd like them to succeed. Limiting Web plugins is a bad move that will only cost Apple customers - to say nothing of the cross compilers (BTW, Apple is jumping through legal hoops to get at cross compilers, without saying that's what they are doing - worth noting).

Jobs actually analyzed it right - accept our decisions or buy a different device. Consumers will buy other devices.

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