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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless And here's to the good stuff. When HP bought Palm a few weeks ago, the computer giant made it very clear they are going to put the webOS on a tablet, and maybe even on a netbook. While it has never been a secret that the webOS actually runs just fine on x86, nobody ever tried to actually boot it on real hardware. Until now, that is - and it works, without any modifications.
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RE[2]: Download the SDK?
by bornagainenguin on Mon 17th May 2010 03:43 UTC in reply to "RE: Download the SDK?"
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DigitalAxis countered...

...and as far as I know that hole hasn't been plugged.

...YET. Never underestimate the asshattery involved once a company gets purchased (or is offered for sale) especially if in the confusion middle managers get involved and start erring on the side of caution. Consider this my own erring on the side of caution, making sure that if this comes to anything I have a copy of the rom to play with. If nothing happens then no big deal--if the download goes down or the rom is changed for some strange reason in way that breaks this or makes functionality more difficult, then at least I'll have a back up that still works...


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