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Google Google is set to announce Android 2.2 at the Google I/O event this week and one of the highly anticipated features will provide a big boost for performance and battery life. Originally the Dalvik virtual machine was implemented as an interpreter, but now a JIT compiler will be used. Already benchmarks show a roughly 6x improvement in numeric performance with the new JIT. While this will make Snapdragon-powered phones like the Nexus One seem even more responsive it will have the biggest impact on lower end phones using ARM11-based chipsets. It remains to be seen how many existing models will receive upgrades to 2.2.
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by ndrw on Mon 17th May 2010 03:54 UTC in reply to "Comment by cerbie"
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It is true that JIT may slow down a branchy code, but that's not where the performance bottleneck usually lays in. Whenever the application runs slowly it is almost always due to some heavy data shifting going on. In other words, applications that currently consume 5% of CPU time will perhaps start consuming 10%, and these wanting 500% may find 100% enough.

Another thing to look at is the garbage collector - I'm not sure how Dalvik's one performs here but allocation tends to be a major factor in OO languages execution speed.

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