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General Development The LLVM developers seem to be driven to replace all parts of the GCC toolchain and libraries with home-grown alternatives under BSD-style licenses. The latest addition to the project is libc++, an implementation of the C++ standard library which is faster and uses less memory than the GCC libstdc++. The developers also intend to support standard library debugging which is ABI compatible to the release version, which should help developers cut down on lengthy recompile-and-debug cycles. The project is still in an early state but it already implements 85% of the C++0x standard library. As with the rest of the LLVM project, the development of libc++ is being supported by Apple.
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RE[3]: worst case scenario
by PlatformAgnostic on Mon 17th May 2010 07:16 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: worst case scenario"
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I think the Windows SDK compilers fully support PGO and LTCG. As far as I know, the sdk is just a slightly minimized version of the Windows build environment.

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