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OSNews, Generic OSes There's one complaint we here at OSNews get thrown in our faces quite often: what's up with the lack of, you know, operating system news on OSNews? Why so much mobile phone news? Why so much talk of H264, HTML5, and Flash? Where's the juicy news on tomorrow's operating systems? Since it's weekend, I might as well explain why things are the way they are. Hint: it has nothing to do with a lack of willingness.
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'You should also not judge the OS based on its name or the screenshot. It only shows how clueless you are about the stuff which really matters when it comes to OS design.'

Why not? Everyone else outside of geekdom will. The fact that these OS's are now no longer developed only shows how clueless they were about the stuff which really matters when it comes to an OS - the users and their perception of the OS.

Sorry, but HelenOS has been actively developed for the past nine years and the current development activities on it are quite intensive. You may be a bit disappointed from your "visual" point of view, but let's face it, does your favorite flash "OS" run on 7 different processor architectures?

I can assure you that from the perspective of an (alternative) operating system, there are more important things than what wallpaper/icon to use. Moreover, there are plenty of systems that don't have any wallpaper or GUI, HelenOS being one of them. Simply put, the visual side may be a non-goal. If you want to see some nice pictures, there are better things to look at than screenshots of running OSes.

What bothers me is that forums are full of comments that reduce a complete OS into a screenshot and then draw conclusions from it. That is like making a picture of a car and then discussing the qualities of its engine based on the picture.

'...I suggest you go and read the HelenOS FAQ to learn more about the origin of the name and the OS itself.'

Sorry but do you expect any mass used OS to have a manual that actually gets read? hahah.... I'm not interested in using something called HelenOS, and shant be reading the manual.

I expect people to do their homework before they start blathering about things they don't understand, which could be accomplished by at least reading the info on our home page and the FAQ.

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