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Multimedia, AV Has it only been five years? Yes, it has only been five years. The site that has become synonymous with video on the web, the site that sparked so many delightful internet memes, turns five years old today. Whether it's the best line in video game history repeated a million times over, or the most beautiful piece of art ever created in human history (the lesser-known HD version, of course), YouTube has it all.
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Youtube is my party radio
by macinnisrr on Mon 17th May 2010 18:27 UTC
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When people come over for a party, Youtube is always on. I've only recently heard of spotify, but I'm in Canada so I don't get it, but you can listen to just about any obscure song you want on YouTube, and you often get crazy/funny videos to boot! What could be better. As a musician, many of my friends and I are music geeks (or historians if you prefer ;-), and we can sometimes go for hours looking up songs on youtube, from the sublime to the ridiculous and everywhere in between. Before Youtube we had to wade through crap on limewire, often get the wrong tune, it takes a while to find a better one, we'll never listen to most of this stuff again, and someone has to continually man the download queue to make sure there's something to listen to when the playing song is done. YouTube is not only way better for these types of games, I'm not going to get sued for using it!

Happy Birthday YouTube!
And many more....

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