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.NET (dotGNU too) John Traenkenschuh was puzzled by developers who seemed reluctant to switch from VB 6 to Visual Basic .NET. Then a little experimentation showed him that something even better is coming soon: Visual Basic 2005. Using an old familiar teaching program, he shows how new features make the transition worthy even of those old VB 6 diehards.
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WTF? To publish shit like this is lamer than lame. Even people who use VB have no respect for it.

Obviously the ranting of an immature "1337" C coder. If this person had done any work in the real (aka: Corporate) world, they would see that VB not only thrives there, it rules. Still.

Take a look at, or and see how many VB positions are open vs. pretty much any other language. The results just might surprise you.

/No, I'm not a VB advocate
//Yes, I code in C/C++, as well as VB, Java, Perl and Python.
///Yes, I have quite a bit of experience in Corporate programming and do know what I'm talking about.

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