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Amiga & AROS A few weeks ago, Novell and Red Hat jointly fended off a patent infringement suit thrown their way by a patent troll. The patent in question more or less came down to the concept of virtual desktops - and thanks to Groklaw, several people helped in finding cases of prior art. The most interesting one of all? A carefully restored and working Amiga 1000 demonstrated to the judge and jury.
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RE[2]: Amiga vs IBM
by Kebabbert on Tue 18th May 2010 10:01 UTC in reply to "RE: Amiga vs IBM"
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So I am "pushing to the limits" when I claim that Commodore got AREXX from IBM, in exchange for Amiga GUI tech? I showed you this link before, and I show you the same link again now:

"With Microsoft no longer doing development on the user interface, IBM was faced with creating this themselves. In this timeframe, a deal was made with Commodore. Commodore licensed IBM's REXX scripting language for inclusion in their AmigaOS, and IBM took many GUI design ideas from the AmigaOS for their new GUI."

So am I trolling, or what? Why do you dismiss this link, every time I show it to you? I have made up this link? It is a fantasy from me? I am lying? Or, is it you that is the troll, when you accuse me of twisting the truth - despite I showed links to backup my claims?

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