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Google Ah, American society and sex. For the number one producer of pornography, American society sure doesn't tolerate sex. We already have Steve Jobs going the 'think-of-the-children' route, and now it seems Google has similar problems - Google is banning so-called "cougar" dating sites from advertising via its network, while on the other hand, it does not have a problem with ads where older men can seek younger women. Hypocrisy, thy name is society.
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Comment by red_devel
by red_devel on Tue 18th May 2010 17:02 UTC
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"The end result is that these two worlds now collide with one another, causing friction all over the place"

Hilarious! If not-intended, even more hilarious!

Anyway, I'll leave the morality alone for a second and just say this: I really like most of what you have to write, Thom, EVEN in the cases when I disagree. I find it generally funny and pretty genuine. The one I can't help notice, though, is a consistent anti-American streak that seems to lurk not-so-deep below the surface. Take a chill pill on that stuff, will ya? Its really a turn off to some of your US readers. Its like everything that you don't like is "Oh here goes America again" and everything you do is "Oh those dumb Americans got ONE thing right finally". Come on...I'm not asking for unbiased, just for not unfairly and illogically biased.

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