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Google Ah, American society and sex. For the number one producer of pornography, American society sure doesn't tolerate sex. We already have Steve Jobs going the 'think-of-the-children' route, and now it seems Google has similar problems - Google is banning so-called "cougar" dating sites from advertising via its network, while on the other hand, it does not have a problem with ads where older men can seek younger women. Hypocrisy, thy name is society.
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"For people who are having a hard life, the Right gives them someone to blame

...leeching off the taxpayer, it's not conservatives that want to take money out of your pocket and provide for these people

Newsflash, it ain't "these people" who cost your average honest farming boy Joe his tax dollar fortune. How wrong you might feel it is to provide for people in need, it's tax breaks to big oil, big scale public spending (like military in case of US, or for instance inefficient freeways construction/maintenance in case of others) that'll cost you lots of mullah. But yeah, as long as the hate towards people bellow is successfully fueled, our handsomest politicians and their friends will be able to keep there big buck games on. Poor will be busy struggling for their living and middle class will be busy envying poor how cozy their poverty is with fraction of my tax dollars spent. Same stuff happens all over the globe.

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