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Fedora Core "No, Fedora 13 Linux is not coming out today. The release was pushed back by a week to fix a number of blocker bugs, among them is an interesting one that many users might simply consider to be just a papercut nuisance."
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by evert on Wed 19th May 2010 07:24 UTC in reply to "Comment by dayalsoap"
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If you're on Vista / Win7, you can choose to NOT install GRUB in MBR, but on the Linux partition itself. Then, use EasyBCD:

You might be interested in Ubuntu WUBI (does not mess with your partitions).

When GRUB starts, and without a boot menu, you have to fix the GRUB settings from within Linux. If you install a newer distro, chances are that you get GRUB2, which is horrible to configure.

Again, when you install the boot manager (GRUB) into the Linux partition (NOT in the MBR), than you can change the active partition using fdisk or other partitioning programs. The active partition is the one that will boot. Some small boot loaders use this on startup so you can choose which partition to start.
My personal favorite is SBM (smart boot manager):

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