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Windows Simple passwords aren't good enough any more, as the flood of stories about phishing, fraud, and compromised accounts by the millions demonstrate. The Next Big Thing in computer security is two-factor authentication and, like it or not, you're probably going to be dealing with it in the next year or so. But two-factor authentication is a concept, not a product, and how it's implemented is critical to its success.
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teaching this for years
by Gadrel on Mon 10th Oct 2005 12:36 UTC
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it has long been accepted and, taught (at least by me in my advanced web development classes) that secure requires two of three things:

1) must know something (password)
2) must have something (thumb print)
3) must be someplace (at a particular IP)

this is certainly not theory or new - it has been around for at least 10 years. and, in court, i suspect that this definition of secure is much more likely to hold water than a simple "password" only scheme.

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