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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless And here's to the good stuff. When HP bought Palm a few weeks ago, the computer giant made it very clear they are going to put the webOS on a tablet, and maybe even on a netbook. While it has never been a secret that the webOS actually runs just fine on x86, nobody ever tried to actually boot it on real hardware. Until now, that is - and it works, without any modifications.
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RE: Of course, it does
by cb88 on Wed 19th May 2010 16:08 UTC in reply to "Of course, it does"
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That bit about Linux being more portable than NetBSD may be true... but NetBSD is actually maintained on a crapload of platforms whereas Linux is not. Try and find an active distro that supports Sparc32 and you will see what I mean... NetBSD runs on the original BeBox for crying out loud.

Use NetBSD today... or toil away at LFS and use it in a month... you can see why I choose NetBSD for my SS5.

I just saying it isn't exactly a fair statement to say Linux is more portable ...of course it is all it's just a kernel not an OS.

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