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Legal We haven't discussed the lost iPhone 4G from Apple for a while now, mostly because there was nothing new to report. Now that the 10-page search warrant affidavit has been made available to the public, we finally have a much more complete picture of what exactly went down.
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I dont get it.
by HunterA3 on Wed 19th May 2010 20:45 UTC
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You can categorically chalk this entire thing up as one big f*ck up.

Everyone was guilty of f'ing something up along the way.

Gray screwed up taking a prototype phone to field test in a bar were he proceeded to get drunk.

Hogan screwed up not giving the phone to the bartender, trying to sell it, and by attempting to destroy evidence.

Gizmodo screwed up by taking possession of the phone when they knew it was hot.

Apple screwed up by claiming ignorance of a new phone when they should have known as soon as Gray reported it missing.

San Mateo sheriffs and DA screwed up by raiding the home of Chen AFTER he has already returned the phone back to Apple and Apple had already been informed of who had it before Chen bought it.

One big giant f*ck up.

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