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Apple Remember MacOS 9, or Classic as Apple named it once Mac OS X was released? On PowerPC Macintosh machines, you can install a Classic environment which launches a virtualised instance of MacOS 9 whenever you launch a Classic application. This environment has been dropped from Intel releases of Mac OS X, but thanks to SheepShaver, you can still set it up yourself on Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, and even BeOS if you want to. I decided to try SheepShaver on my Ubuntu machine, and discovered just how easy it really is.
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COI Chubby Bunny
by kedwards on Wed 19th May 2010 21:57 UTC
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I remember reading about sheepshaver a few years back. Somebody created a pre-packaged version of sheepshaver with Mac OS 9.0.4 called COI(Classic on Intel) for Mac OS X. I believe the latest version is 4.01 "Chubby Bunny."

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