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Legal Let the spreading of FUD begin! Known patent troll Larry Horn, CEO of MPEG-LA, is clearly feeling the heat - a heat that might set fire to his company's license to print money. After a decade of empty threats towards Theora, the company is apparently putting its it's-impossible-to-create-a-video-codec-that-doesn't-infringe-on-our-stuff attitude into practice once again, by assembling a patent pool to go after VP8. Google, in the meantime, is not impressed.
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RE[2]: No Need to Sue
by tf123 on Fri 21st May 2010 11:27 UTC in reply to "RE: No Need to Sue"
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All you did was say, "Google should say they didn't infringe any patents." Ooh, good defense.

Of course, MPEGLA will identify their patents.

If they are valid patents, Google isn't going to indemnify anyone, anything.

Hell, they could indemnify everyone, right NOW, from ALL litigation if they were really so confident there was no patent infringement of any kind. You are the one who keeps saying that Google is so cracker jack, they can't possible have messed up their due diligence.

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