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Multimedia, AV There's an incredible amount of momentum behind Google's WebM Project. Opera, Mozilla, and of course Google will all include it in their browsers by default, meaning about 35% of web users will be able to use it with a minimal amount of fuss. On top of that, Microsoft has changed its previously announced plans to make HTML5 video in Internet Explorer 9 H264-only to include VP8 as well. Only Apple's opinion was unclear - until now.
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RE[5]: Patents not quality
by MissTJones on Fri 21st May 2010 12:40 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Patents not quality"
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How exactly would creating a royalty-free, re-implementable standard from VC-1 have locked people into Windows?

They might have had a head start since they already had an implementation, but assuming it wasn't a joke of a standard (like their OOXML) then it would have been easily re-implementable by others. And the best version would have likely been an open source rewrite, just like it is for H.264 and x264, and probably will be the case for VP8 and some as yet unlaunched project.

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