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OS/2 and eComStation After god knows how many years, it's finally here: the final release of eComStation 2.0. We first reported on eComStation 2.0 back in December 2005, when the first beta was released, and between then and now, we've seen countless betas and release candidates come and go, but the wait is finally over.
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Comment by robbiec
by robbiec on Fri 21st May 2010 16:30 UTC
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I've built up a new rig purely for this. Slightly older hardware, Asus M3A79, Phenom II 550 X2, Asus 4350, 2Gb Ram, 250GB Sata and DVDRW. The Silver RC7 release flies on this as it should do really given the hardware improvements since the underlying kernel was released.
Ref the cost: The target audience will generally already have a copy of ECS 1.2 or Warp 3 or 4 or and have bought into the subscription pack so the upgrade cost will be neglible. The thing about OS/2 is that you set it up once correctly and then just let it work and it will continue working until the hardware dies, its true price is the TCO over 5 or more years and it works out very competitive cost wise that way.
Ref the UI: For sure its icons do not look as pretty as Mac or Win 7 or KDE but once you sampled the underlying strength of the Workplace Shell Objects and incorporated it into your workflow then you have to wonder what the other GUI developers have been doing for the last 10 - 15 years ;-)

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