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Multimedia, AV There's an incredible amount of momentum behind Google's WebM Project. Opera, Mozilla, and of course Google will all include it in their browsers by default, meaning about 35% of web users will be able to use it with a minimal amount of fuss. On top of that, Microsoft has changed its previously announced plans to make HTML5 video in Internet Explorer 9 H264-only to include VP8 as well. Only Apple's opinion was unclear - until now.
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"...compared to H264, it's new. This isn't rocket science.

VP8 is -- as the name suggests -- On2's 8th generation codec. Its first generation (under the name TrueMotion-S) was released 15 years ago and supposedly development started "in the early 1990's". See
You'd expect that On2 learned to program a competitive codec during that time frame.
Or do those almost 20 years still qualify as "very raw, hardly out of development"?
obvious troll. do you think h264 has no previous codecs? that's right h263. thats right all the previous too.

VP8 has never been seen outside on2 before this week and claims were on2 claims alone.
The codec does better than h264 baseline and worse than main and high profile (which are a good step up)
even x264 author claims that

additionally x264 has had a tremendous work done compared to VP8.

so.. VP8 isn't bad really. in fact, it's pretty good.

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