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Humor To commemorate Pac Man's 30 year anniversary, Google has not only made a Pac Man-themed Google logo, but it's playable, and shockingly included the Pac Man theme music, which startled, but ultimately delighted, my officemates and me this morning. If you press the insert coin button, Ms. Pac Man joins the party. I do hope, however, that Google refrains from including theme music on its homepage in the future.
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pacman is a bit annoying
by ncc4100 on Fri 21st May 2010 17:38 UTC
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Google is my default home page in my browser. I don't mind it playing for a bit, but it never stops. There is no stop button and if I use NoScript to stop it, it affects my use of other google products. They really should have had a stop button or used a separate script that we could control with NoScript.

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