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Legal Let the spreading of FUD begin! Known patent troll Larry Horn, CEO of MPEG-LA, is clearly feeling the heat - a heat that might set fire to his company's license to print money. After a decade of empty threats towards Theora, the company is apparently putting its it's-impossible-to-create-a-video-codec-that-doesn't-infringe-on-our-stuff attitude into practice once again, by assembling a patent pool to go after VP8. Google, in the meantime, is not impressed.
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RE[2]: What a Joke
by Headrush on Fri 21st May 2010 21:08 UTC in reply to "RE: What a Joke"
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I'm not suggesting I want the MPEG-LA to win, but what's to stop the MPEG-LA from threating lawsuits against companies using VP8 if they make the claim there are violations? So aren't we then in the exact same problem as with H.264?

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