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OS/2 and eComStation After god knows how many years, it's finally here: the final release of eComStation 2.0. We first reported on eComStation 2.0 back in December 2005, when the first beta was released, and between then and now, we've seen countless betas and release candidates come and go, but the wait is finally over.
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Please remember that OS/2 was a "joint" program between IBM and Microsoft back in the day. Later IBM chose to "go it alone" after Microsoft's success with Windows.

My instincts tell me that there's probably a steaming, heaping pile of, er licensed code that Serenity must pay royalties for to Microsoft probably and IBM possibly.

That being said, I'm rather pleased that there is a "Home/Student" version and reduction in price for this type of license as there's a real gap in the market for those interested in running DOS applications, whether it's legacy DOS games, applications that have never been ported to other platforms, and other reasons.

While FreeDOS is an excellent free alternative, I'm excited that there's a more robust DOS platform available. And yes Linux is free, but I've tried a variety of different DOS emulation tools, etc. and there is too much effort involved to get certain programs to work, or worse, a DOS application that requires network/TCP/IP access.

My hope is eComStation will meet these needs, and I guess I'm kinda a legacy geek anyway, the first program I want to try on it is GeoWorks (AKA NewDeal Office and now Breadbox Ensemble)!

I've been successful in getting GeoWorks/Breadbox to work in DOSBox but a huge negative is no networking support so you can't browse the web, use email, etc.

As for price $149 is rather steep granted, but much better than the $250 or so previously. On the other hand a new version of Windows costs between $99.00 and $150.00 (or more), a new version of DOS back in the day (which you can't even buy anymore from IBM, Novell, DR or Microsoft) cost $60.00 to $65.00 new back in the day so at $149.00 I'll be placing my order.

Guess it's all in your perspective.

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