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Google This issue kind of fell by the wayside in all the WebM and Android violence, but apart from the cool things Google did this past week, they've also done something really bad. They claim it's a mistake, but the company has collected 600GB of data from open personal wireless networks in 33 countries through its Street View cars, prompting several countries to initiate official investigations into the search giant.
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RE: Orwellian
by l3v1 on Sun 23rd May 2010 06:33 UTC in reply to "Orwellian "
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Google is the closest thing we've had to Big Brother in recorded history

Not true. Big Brother never asks you if you're willing to participate. With Google, the users all opted in, and continue to do so, either never caring about their privacy-related settings, or never bothering to get information about how the different services work and how they are interconnected. I hate car analogies, but here you go, when you're buying a car, you're not just taking it home without getting all the information about terms, conditions, payment plan, insurance, and so on. The perception of what Google is becoming is just as much the users' fault - who are stupid - as theirs - who know they are stupid and exploit that to an extent.

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