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Google This issue kind of fell by the wayside in all the WebM and Android violence, but apart from the cool things Google did this past week, they've also done something really bad. They claim it's a mistake, but the company has collected 600GB of data from open personal wireless networks in 33 countries through its Street View cars, prompting several countries to initiate official investigations into the search giant.
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RE[3]: Orwellian
by r_a_trip on Sun 23rd May 2010 10:53 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Orwellian "
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2005-07-06 is still *wrong* to just enter someone's house even if the door is open, and even if it is not against the law, taking something you find there definitely is.

That is not what happened. With unprotected wifi a router owner pushes his laundry out into the street. Google wrote a piece of code that did not quite do what they expected and they were inadvertently eavesdropping, but I can't demonize Google for it.

If people shout out private stuff into the street and somebody hears it, than that is tough, but you can't expect privacy when you throw personal stuff out there yourself.

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