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OS/2 and eComStation After god knows how many years, it's finally here: the final release of eComStation 2.0. We first reported on eComStation 2.0 back in December 2005, when the first beta was released, and between then and now, we've seen countless betas and release candidates come and go, but the wait is finally over.
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OS/2 stability???
by Kebabbert on Sun 23rd May 2010 18:35 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by robbiec"
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Sure, OS/2 is renowned for it's stability once correctly setup. But, you have to remember that OS/2 are not used in large demanding servers of today, like running an entire stock exchange or something similar. Instead, OS/2 are running small apps.

It is not difficult to run small apps and get good uptime. The problem is running large server apps with huge demands and fail over and all that stuff - with good uptime. That is the problem. And, OS/2 does not cut it, then. It is good for small tasks like, a cash machine, or, a calculator.

But it is not correct to believe it suffices for extreme demanding tasks. I mean, 32bit CPU with maximum 4GB RAM for extremely large servers? It is ridiculous. OS/2 will never play in the big league with the big boys.

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